Dealing in short, solid, almost-pop songs, but pop songs that aren't afraid to stray into unexpected areas, multi-faceted Swedish singer/songwriter Varas continues to demonstrate a personal sound with identity with every new release. Now he's back with his brand new single Gotta Go, fresh off the back of his recently released EP There You Go!, and dropping via TEN Music Group, featuring a Blur-esque guitar riff which is complete with his signature indie, alt-pop sound and up-tempo, catchy background vocals. And there is no doubt that he still has a lot to say in the music scene.
With roots in Chile, Varas grew up in a small town called Götene in Sweden. From an early age, he showed a great interest in music and a desire to turn his passion into a profession. He now goes forward on his musical path as he experiments with his sound carving out his own expression. “Gotta Go touches on times of idiotic admiration. When you put someone on a pedestal and nothing can pull them down from it. The consequences could be heavenly or a living hell, and that's the charm of it,” he says about his new single, which was made during the same sessions as his second EP There You Go!

Using this release as a fitting end to this era of sound he's been creating, the self-taught producer, singer and songwriter that goes under the moniker Varas brings something fresh and exciting to the contemporary indie scene. With references ranging all the way from Queen to Rolling Stones to Tyler, the Creator and Pharrell Williams, the promising 25-year-old now celebrates the release of his new song, Gotta Go, and promises to continue surprising his audience this year.