Believe is the exciting new release from Val Fleury and Jon Alpine. The Liberian-born DJ/producer and the melodic songsmith now collaborate on an uplifting deep house anthem with a West African flare that leaves no one indifferent. Generating a sense of open-mindedness and giving us goosebumps, this latest release is loaded with energy to welcome the festival season, one of the most desired of the year for music lovers. Atmospheric synths and a soulful vocal lead come together to create a perfect combination.
Capturing the essence of playlists like Housewerk, Deep House Blend, and Afro House Pulse, Believe is here to make us reconnect with our bodies, put our troubles aside and allow us to feel free for a few minutes. Having recruited an all-star list of remixers for this new release that includes Blaq Pages, Juliet Mendoza, Biianco, Best Friends Club, and Zach Atom, Val Fleury and Jon Alpine have created a perfect track which will be played out at Coachella weekend two, where Val Fleury is set to perform.

Philadelphia-based producer Jon Alpine is known for composing immersive, propulsive sonic landscapes, and Val Fleury performs for international audiences that include Sydney nightclubs, Shanghai fashion events, Berlin rooftops, New Delhi radio shows, New York City pool parties and music festivals such as Roots Picnic. They both know what the audience wants to listen to and, of course, they know how to create it. Believe is the perfect example of a synergy between artists that leads to perfectly results, full of coherence and rhythm.
Val Fleury Jon Alpine 2.jpg