After a two-year hiatus, Unusual Demont releases a new single titled Nighttime, a pop song infused with his signature R&B and soul vibes. Since his debut album, Hues released in 2021, the singer has been working on what will be his second project, Chrysalis.
Born in Wisconsin and based in Los Angeles, Unusual Demont has always embraced a sound with an ambient and soulful spirit. Following the success of the single Amber (2021), he decided to explore a slightly different style of music. In 2022, he already dropped three singles, and we’re still waiting to find out if they will also be part of the new album.
He confesses that Nighttime is his favourite song he has ever made. It’s a love song, as one might expect, but it’s written from the simplicity of quiet moments where happiness isn’t forced. It’s a place of peace, a safe space for self-expression. The song begins with a melodic tone that captivates you with his voice until it reaches the chorus, which is livelier than the preceding parts due to the bass sound gradually added, but it still follows the rhythm.
From this point on, he starts playing with vocal distortions with an electronic twist, going up in the main verses and descending at key moments, such as in the phrase “In the Nighttime/ I’m right where you need me, baby,” which serves as an interlude to the chorus.
He’s collaborated with the producer Dee Lilly, known for songs like Outro (I Just Wanna Be Me), who has brought a sense of fun to the song’s chords. Together, they have managed to strike a balance between R&B and DnB incorporating the electronic touches that have been popular lately and are well-received. It’s clear that this is a completely new sound for the artist and he adds a contemporary flair to the classic rhythm and blues. We’ll eagerly await to see how he surprises us on the new album.