United Colours of Benetton’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection, the first shown by its newly-appointed creative designer Andrea Incontri, has a loud message for all of us – Be Everything. Rooted in uncompromised freedom, the brand turns to its original values and design DNA for an innovative relaunch which celebrates the self in all its forms.
Presented in the Corso Buenos Aires store during Milan Fashion Week, United Colours of Benetton’s latest collection sees the introduction of Milan Polytechnic architecture graduate Andrea Incontri. Since his graduation in 1971, the architect turned designer uses surfaces and structures for inspiration, which can be seen in the designs of his own namesake menswear and womenswear brand’s functional clothing. Incontri has also worked under the names of some of fashion’s favourites, including Missoni, Max Mara and Jil Sanders. Now, Incontri finds himself creative director of the men’s, women’s and kid’s lines at the Italian retailer.

The new collection is a reflection of Benetton’s history, with signature knitwear, block and bold neon colours all the forefront of the show. Also spotted on the runway are a range of genderless accessories, ranging from new ‘eco-leather’ bags and caps, sunglasses brighter than the sun and fine, gold-plated jewellery.

Incontri also states being inspired by food for this season, with questions of “What is healthy today? What attracts us?” This is evident in the cherry-printed bucket hat, bag and coord three-piece look and the bold apple-print t-shirts which come in an array of block-colour variations. Mixing practicality with the brand’s aesthetic values, Incontri has managed to create a new ‘uniform’ for the Benetton customer keeping in mind the brands heritage and core values.
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