Hi, gay! Wake up, a new Troye Sivan banger has dropped. In the past few hours, the Australian singer has lit up the Internet with his sexy song Rush, which comes with an even hotter music video directed by Gordon von Steimer. Pole dancing, shirtless hunks in jockstraps kissing, dancing, and enjoying sexual liberation are at the core of the song titled after the most famous brand of popper.
“This is amazing!!! Christina Aguilera's Dirty in 2023 meets Skins and Euphoria!,” reads one comment on Troye’s Instagram post promoting the music video. And I couldn’t agree more. Rush is Troye’s reclaiming of his own sexuality, living it as freely as possible and in one of the kinkiest, most open-minded cities in the world: Berlin. With the chorus singing “I feel the rush / Addicted to your touch”, his new song is a prelude to the artist’s upcoming album, out October 13. If it was hot already, temperatures have risen even more. Let’s just enjoy and find a nice way to… sweat it off.