Having released his debut album Fauna & Flora on February 17 via Innervisions cultivating a sense of scale, character, and broad-minded musicianship across ten genre-fusing tracks, Trikk now goes one step further, immersing us in a mesmerizing creative universe. Starting from the collaboration that we featured in this article some months ago, Brazilian visual artist Gabriel Massan, whose first-time vocals were featured on third single Mata Mata, an explosive hit of baile funk erotica, now present the music video that comes along with the track. This visual piece brings an extra dose of energy to the single inspired by the artist's visual language which is informed by the decentralisation of the human figure.
“An intense battle between two biochemical mechas. I explored the various nuances of movements that flow from violence to passion in a quest to perform life and transmit emotions through digital bodies,” Massan reply when we ask them to define the concept that gives life to the music video they just released for the single Mata Mata, in which Carlos Minozzi is responsible for the unreal development and character animation. “These extremes remind me of the brutality of the track that explores the ability to seduce when we realise our wholeness as individuals,” they add.

We are not surprised that Massan's latest work comes with amazing quality. Their work has been shown at Julia Stoschek Collection, X Museum in Bejing, and art NFT Art Berlin, demonstrating their talent for experimenting with new tools and formats, using digital sculpture and animation, and shaping parallel universes through the image. Stay tuned because Trikk's Fauna & Flora Remix EP by Roman Flügel, Or:la & Working Men's Club will be released on June 16.
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Gabriel Massan