Noted as the ‘urgent outlier’, the Portugal born Berlin-based, DJ and producer Trikk’s track Mata Mata is a vicious baile funk track. Aided by the sultry vocals from Boiler Room MC Gabriel Massan, the track incorporates simple-snare and trap elements, alongside spiraling, cacophonous breakdowns. Released today via renowned Berlin imprint Innervisions, the song is a surefire hit, displaying Trikk’s creativity and producing knack.
As Massan moans and spits over the polyrhythmic drums, the invitation to dance is ever growing, the 4 minutes an enthralling ride that emphasises Trikk’s talent. It's a sexy and varied offering sure to work its way into DJ sets all over, spouting from sound systems both homegrown and world class. The collaboration between the pair, highlights Trikk’s emphasis on collaboration and stepping outside of his comfort zone, elements he has embedded into the ethos of his upcoming album Flora & Fauna. The album, which Trikk describes as delving into the “friction between harmony and destruction,” is his first release, marking an exciting new chapter for the producer.

Exciting and disturbing in equal breaths, the track perfectly embodies that duality between harmony and destruction, capitalizing on baile funk’s growing cult appreciation, Trikk stretches his skills. In sum, Mata Mata serves as a powerful manifesto for Trikk, giving listeners a taste of what's to come with Flora & Fauna, which is to be released February 17th.
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