The natural landscape is a vessel for imagination, creativity and fantasy. The exhibition Tree and Leaf takes its name from a short book by J.R.R. Tolkien and, like Tolkien, explores the imaginative power of the landscape. The group exhibition, on display at the Hannah Barry Gallery in London until January 22, 2022 explores the creative power of the landscape through sculpture and painting.
Tolkien understood both the reality and fantasy of the landscape. It is a place of literal natural complexity and a place of figurative imaginative complexity; the creative possibilities of a natural landscape are infinite. The works in his book, the short story Leaf by Niggle and the essay On Fairy-Stories explore this juxtaposition and offer ideal inspiration for this exhibit.

Tree and Leaf includes works by artists Ayesha Tan Jones, Luke Silva and Tyra Tingleff explores ideas about the natural world in contemporary art. Viewing art through the lens of the landscape can create new myths, new fantasies and a new perception of nature. In an age of ecological crisis, the natural landscape has never been more important to the creative landscape. Tree and Leaf encapsulates this perfectly.
Tree and Leaf is on display at the Hannah Barry Gallery, Peckham, London, until January 22, 2022.
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