Tina Moon, the talented alt-pop/rock singer-songwriter and producer from Japan has just released her single Choose for yourself, which will be a part of her debut album MY ARMS. Her music is a perfect fusion of various genres, and she has also incorporated Japanese anime culture into her work, making it a truly unique experience for listeners worldwide. Moon's passion for fashion, art, and music is evident in her compositions, and she has established herself as an icon in the world of music.
What's more, Moon is a gifted vocalist who brings a dynamic energy to her music. She effortlessly blends different musical and thematic ideas to create her own unique style. Tina's proficiency in English, Korean, and Japanese languages allows her to connect with her fans on a deeper level, regardless of where they are from.

In 2021, Tina Moon took the Japanese alternative music scene by storm with her infectious single Chocolate Sugar. Her fans were captivated by her debut EP Mishmash, which showcased her versatility as an artist. With her incredible talent, passion for music, and dedication to her craft, Tina Moon has become a household name in Japan's alternative music scene.