The power of flora is everywhere in pop culture, from Miley Cyrus’ celebrated song Flowers to fashion’s favourite (and most meme-worthy) quote, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Until August 5, Venus Over Manhattan in New York City is presenting This Too Shall Pass, a collective show that continues to put flowers at the centre while exploring concepts of impermanence, transience, personal memory, and ongoing change.
“This exhibition brings together a diverse group of artists whose works beautifully capture the transient, fleeting nature of existence through the captivating aesthetic of flowers,” explains Raquel Chevremont, the curator behind This Too Shall Pass. “Despite their ephemeral presence, flowers hold profound expressions of human emotions, eternally resonating even after their physical forms fade away. Each flower possesses a unique essence, embodying the individuality that lies within each of us. The exhibition takes its title, This Too Shall Pass, from an ancient Persian adage, evoking the essence of impermanence and the ever-changing nature of life itself.”

The eleven artists featured in the exhibition explore these subjects via different media such as painting and sculpture. Among them, we find the hyper-realistic renderings by Marc Dennis, the calligraphic abstractions by Shinique Smith, a blur between abstract and figurative styles in Ferrari Sheppard’s paintings, cand eramic walls by Alex Anderson and Diana Sofia Lozano.
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