Strutting powerfully by the pool in transparent mule heels, cowboy print swimwear, silk scarf and sunglasses is the latest This Belongs To muse, Ebony Natu. The lights are low and a digital pink sunset creates the feeling of time standing still, like it does in those intimate moments we revisit in our memories. On a day which we celebrate love in all its forms, this fashion short is pertinent to remember the ultimate sexy is comfort. “Comfort, yes. Sex appeal, of course. But feeling sexualised is not sexy. Empowered. Strong. Comfortable. That’s sexy.” the head designer, Alia commands over the short film, setting out her brand’s priorities that we wholeheartedly agree with.
Femmes take front and centre in this bludgeoning ethical lingerie and swimwear brand founded and produced all in London. For their new fashion short film Silaverse, the Amsterdam-based female led creative duo specialised in visual production, sat in the driving seat after meeting the designer by chance in her Soho shop. Alia explains, “we got chatting and two days later we were on set! It was one of those right place, right time situations”. The film conveys that same sense of in the moment impulsivity with fast cuts and rippling-shape shifting music.

As for the clothes, This Belongs To’s designer was born in New York and raised in London to British and Indian parents, so she mixes Eastern and Western references. Such as vibrant lime green checks and tiny chillies next to horse-bits and miniature cowboy boots. Playful and flirty This Belongs To’s designs feature an emphasis on comfortable soft and sustainable bras, knickers and thong styles but they also offer a pair of glossy 100% silk boxers that caught our eye. The knickers with a tiny gun on the front and the pair with a make-to-order embroidered message of your choice are other favourites - just think of the possibilities! These pants have the same power as turning up FKA Twigs (feat.the weekend) tears in the club and chanting, “my hips, my thighs, not yours, all mine” - they might just help us realise however we celebrate Valentine’s day today, we are all our own main characters.
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