Theresa Rex's new single, Touch, hides a very deep meaning. It's a message to the world and herself where she claims the importance of surrounding ourselves with our loved ones, asking for help if needed, and ultimately, how fundamental it is to feel in life. Because, although sometimes we want to distance ourselves from everything around us and protect our family and friends, they will always be there to support us when we need it most. Having experienced it first-hand, the young singer is now sharing it with her audience on her new release.
“I was living in a commune at the time, and the house was full of love and friends, but when the doctors found a melon-sized tumour in my lung, I had a complete system overload, I couldn't breathe in every sense of the word,” the singer comments on a vital moment that would change her life forever, before sharing how she reacted to the news. “I grabbed my cats and ditched everyone else, including my long-term boyfriend. I completely self-isolated, convinced that I didn't need anyone else in my life,” she adds. A reaction that luckily didn't last long after she came to her senses.

The singer of What I Like About You with Jonas Blue, or singles like Running or Kiss Me, with more than ten million streams on Spotify, then decided to write Touch as a reminder that in times like these you need to stay in and what you need the most is the people who are truly there for you. “I have fully recovered, and my, then and I'm very happy to say that I can call him my boyfriend again,” says the artist, who promises to continue connecting with her audience through life experiences that leave nobody indifferent.