Her musical proposal is characterized by integrating different textures, colours and rhythms. The artistic vision of The Velvet Fields, the musical project of London-based singer-songwriter Jess Jackson, is a perfect symbiosis of creativity, imagination and fantasy. Synesthesia that now crystallizes in her single Spellbound Still, along with a music video in which nature, visual effects and energies in motion make the piece an interesting experience. “I tend to use the imagery of physical landscapes to explore psychic ones; the feeling of disorientation or how to process grief,” she explains.
When we talk about music unrelated to trends and passing phenomena, this is precisely what we mean. Releases with their own personality that refer to timeless places, feelings and emotions we can all share that has nothing to do with the number of reproductions or listens on digital platforms. Jess Jackson makes the mixture of soul, folk and hazy pop a winning combination in which the magical elements of nature coexist and reinforce each other.

Conceived on a trip to California after Jackson endured major life changes and ventured into a period of transformation and renewal, her single Spellbound Still is the result of joining forces with producer and multi-instrumentalist Billy Mohler. "The song was inspired by the feeling of being stood on the volatile ground, of living through an unsettling and surreal experience but still managing to tap into a sense of awe at that power beneath your feet,” says the singer, who does not hesitate to highlight Nick Cave or Nancy Sinatra when asked about her musical references, which she adds an extra dose of personality from literature, poetry or the influence of visual arts.