Having finished his solo project in 2021 with the release of We Can’t Move to LA, followed by Think of Me, the Canadian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer The Grand Mess now unveils his new single, Summertime. A track in which he collaborates with rapper Oren Major, and in which he talks about the end of Winter and the emergence of nightlife once again. A musical proposal seasoned with intense rhythmic notes capable of creating an atmosphere of its own with almost mystical energy with which the versatile artist goes his way.
Inspired by the intersection between human feelings and the possibilities that technology confers, The Grand Mess turns his mix of folktronica and alternative pop into a personal strength that makes his work different from the rest of today's artists. His new song, Summertime, reflects on how we are all stuck in selfish cycles of feeling happy and depressed. A reality defined by emotional ups and downs in which repeated attempts to pretend that everything is fine and trying to solve problems with temporary patches seems to become a constant.

After making their singles Got It Boomin or Lie To You authentic hits with tens of thousands of reproductions on digital platforms, The Grand Mess now builds his new release on the desire to hold on to this feeling of happiness for as long as possible and trying to extend it through drugs, alcohol and bad decisions inspired by the feeling of invincibility that arises from a summer night as well as the sensitive and fleeting nature of those moments. “You can’t be mine, you can’t be mine in the summertime, when I’m feeling fine,” he says repeatedly in the song.