Championing freedom and shaping a creative project with an eye for detail, The Cave has just presented its new EP, The Cave EP. The solo project and live band helmeted by Julian Lamadrid, a New York-based Mexican musician and filmmaker, pays homage to Plato's Allegory of The Cave with this new release, which marks the first of a three-album trilogy. Each album will be building up to an ultimate message of gratitude; a sonic appreciation for the infinitely tender sensation of living. Stay tuned!
Having had many artistic accomplishments, raking over thirty million streams on Spotify alone and signing with Sony Music's Arista Records at the age of 20, Lamadrid has shown a natural talent for music. With The Cave, he dares to venture into the unknown, blending rock and electronic elements in an innovative way. “We are living in fear and life should not be lived in that manner. Life is a gift. Existence is a virtue. Leave The Cave,” the artist comments on the message of this latest project, pulling away from social norms and expected behaviours and escaping the trappings of modern life.

Julian is not only responsible for the music he releases with The Cave but for the whole artistic project of his creative universe. All the music is produced and written by him, and all the videos are self-directed and edited. Quite a challenge that he has overcome successfully without leaving any loose ends. He is now independent and releasing The Cave through his Brooklyn-based electronic record label Mala Noche Records, and the second instalment of the three-album trilogy, The Light, is set for release in early 2024.