Three extraordinary artists merge together; presenting a transmedia exhibition project in Venice. Fondazione Prada will be the home to a dialogue of polyphonic references and constellations, that intend to be an expression and representation on everyday life juxtaposing the worlds of yesterday and today.
The exhibition will unfold on three storeys of the 18th century palazzo – the ground floor and the two main ones – including photographic media curated by the conceptual 3D artist, Thomas Demand, and film works produced by the Büchner prize winner, Alex Kluge. The stage setting for this project is brought to you by Germany’s most influential theatre set and costume designer, Anna Viebrock, who fabricated spatial settings of static people, dressed the same to emphasis critical aspects of present times and the complexity of the world we live in.

“It shows a shared awareness, both on an emotional and theoretical level,” director of the exhibition Udo Kittlemann said. Between the contributions of each artist, the exhibition spans film, art and theatre media that transforms the historic palazzo of Ca’ Corner della Regina into a metaphorical site, symbolising the identification of the worlds we live in and our personal attitudes towards them. The collaborative artists provided not only an aesthetic and imaginative concept but infiltrated their political and historical intentions – most likely constructed by Kluge’s publications, History and Attachment (1972) and Proportions of the Political (1992). All three artists reveal themselves as pathfinders and clue seekers, witnesses and chroniclers of both past and present.

In the Kittlemann words: “It is a particularly lucky coincidence that Alexander Kluge’s filmic production, Thomas Demand’s photographic work and Anna Viebrock’s stage settings are brought together in this collective exhibition concept, melding what are usually distinct artistic forms of expression”. The visually powerful, multi layered expression of apparent normality and catastrophe in a society divided between lust for life and loss of trust, extreme distress and never-ending hope. The show will run from May 13th to November 26th 2017.
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Alex Kluge
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Anna Viebrock
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Thomas Demand