Taking a different approach to this new single, Thavoron has shifted from the melancholic tone of his sophomore album, Tommy Loves You, to the sensual sound of Body. An ode to queer relationships and sensuality, the erotic title speaks for itself. Body is deeply resonating and emotional yet upbeat and sparky, which, paired with the visuals of the music video, makes it just that bit more celebratory.
Growing up as a Cambodian-American, Thavoron uses his background and experiences within the queer community to amalgamate a collection of lyrics and vibrations that spark desire. Body is Thavoron’s way of depicting what being queer means to him. Expressing a shift in attitude, Body outlines the power we hold when it comes to intimacy and how we can reclaim ourselves by acknowledging this power. Thavoron is open and unforgiving when it comes to his lyrics, singing  “hot to be what makes your body sing / I’d do anything, to see you come”, laying every emotion and impulse on the table.
Extracting influence from artists like Frank Ocean and Blood Orange, Body is an alluring example of oral control. Thavoron’s high vocal range and falsetto pitch yearn to be heard, climaxing to an orchestral chorus and echoing throughout the track. Body is breathy and, often held back, imitating the pleasure and fireworks of a budding relationship and someone’s first touch. 
The single and music video for Body are out March 29th on Digital Formats via Trailing Twelve.