Drawing heavily on his personal experiences, Washington-based singer Thavoron works tirelessly to create his own musical style. And there is no doubt he’s on the right track to achieve it. His new single Twin Sized Bed, which comes along with a music video directed by Maddie Ludgate, chronicles his experience of growing up in middle-class American suburbia and the unique feelings of loneliness this lifestyle can create. The intimate tone that the new release acquires allows listeners to connect perfectly with the atmospheres that the young artist recreates.
The 22-year-old first-generation Cambodian American artist encapsulates the feeling of comfortable isolation in the thoughtful lyrics of his new single, Twin Sized Bed. “Ever since I was a kid, my parents made sure I never, ever had to sleep on a twin-sized bed. They never made me ride the bus to school in the morning if the roads were icy. They always made sure we had access to the internet so my sister, brother, and I could entertain ourselves while they weren't home,” says the singer when asked about his childhood memories, before making a statement that serves as a starting point in the composition of his new song. “I was always fed and protected, yet I felt alone for basically my entire childhood.”

Alternative and indie rock meet in the creative vision of Thavoron, who adds his personal touch by flooding his creations with emotion and reflecting inner debates in his lyrics. He wrote, performed, and produced the entirety of Twin Sized Bed in his bedroom to make the experience “as bare as possible.” With this new release, the artist continues to demonstrate that opening up emotionally through music has healing properties, as he hopes to help pave the way for Southeast/ Asian American and queer artists alike looking for a sense of creative community.