A staple of the hyperpop genre, That Kid, just dropped his newest single DRY2WET from his forthcoming mixtape. The new song is a certified club banger, in which the Denver-based artist describes how excited his lover makes him, with no shortage of musical innuendos. With its spacey melodies and vocal distortion, the track is the perfect follow-up to the mixtape’s first single Full Throttle. Both the tracks signal that That Kid’s project in September will be cohesive and compelling to listen to.
That Kid shared that DRY2WET is inspired partially by his own experiences and partially by the song Fuck Him He’s a DJ by Kesha, and the inspiration is clear to see. With lyrics like “I’ll scratch your back like a turntable” and “Hear me moan in an MP3,” That Kid definitely leans into the cheeky playfulness that Kesha was known for over a decade ago. His well-executed homage to the pop icon, as well as his collaboration with other huge hyperpop forces such as Ayesha Erotica, and Slayyyter, solidify That Kid as pop force to be reckoned with.