The late-1960s or early 1970s. Lots of flowers, glitter, and psychedelic prints. A wedding. Love. And then, flirting, jealousy, and make-up sex. Discover Teyana Taylor’s self-directed new music video for Issues/Hold On starring ASAP Rocky as her husband, and get lost in her vintage-inspired universe.
Part of her 2018 album K.T.S.E., the soulful song has more than nine million plays on Spotify. Nevertheless, it is now that the American singer has released its dazzling video, where we can see how she gets married to ASAP Rocky. Their untouched love story doesn’t last long, since the husband’s flirting with other girls makes Teyana ‘Spike Tee’ Taylor (as she bills herself at the beginning of the video) go mad. Other guest stars in the video include Tyler, the Creator, Kristen Crawley, ASAP Ferg, and Lory Harvey, who play their friends and guests at the fabulous house parties that the newlyweds throw.

Taylor’s musical talent is undeniable, but it’s in the directing field that she’s become a pleasing surprise. After directing the videos for her songs WTP ft. Mykki Blanco, and Gonna Love Me’s remix ft. Ghostface Killah, Method Man and Raekwon, she’s back at it with her third music video and even more friends and collaborators.