From today until Sunday, veritable wunderkind Tex Hammond is bringing a new body of work to Paris for the Focus Art Fair, the contemporary art fair organized by HongLee Curator. At just 15 years old, the very talented Los Angeles-based creative is already deeply embedded in the art world, a feat that speaks to his artistic prowess, incredible work ethic, and inherent talent. And now he's presenting his latest body of ever-evolving work in the French capital. An exhibition in which Hammonds' inspirations remain the same, but the technique is refined reaching toward modern figurative while maintaining elements of true abstract art.
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“This particular body of work is deeply Tex. It's the evidence of a true growth period for him, and there's a maturity in each piece,” announces Carmen Acosta of Acosta Arts, who comments that the work that we now have the opportunity to see in Paris is very different from what the artist exhibited at the LA Art Show. “He doesn't stop working, doodling, and experimenting, so he's progressed so much as an artist in such a short period of time,” she adds. And it is that his young age has not prevented him from making a more than outstanding place on the international art scene. He has been the youngest ever exhibitor at the LA Art Show 2 years in a row with sold-out shows, featured work in HBO's The Hype, and a feature in the LA Times.

Incorporating pop culture interests synonymous with youth into every one of his pieces of it, Hammond continues to consolidate a personal style without giving up experimentation, innovation and change. His career has just begun and many possibilities are now open to him thanks to his demonstrated ability and his desire to continue channelling his feelings and thoughts through art. Taking a definitive step towards modernizing classic genres, he's also giving ‘trash’ a second, eco-conscious life and beauty. A clear example of where art should go, thinking out of the box and demonstrating that there are no borders or limits in the universe of creativity.

From September 1 to 4, he will be presenting his latest body of work at Focus Art Fair, whose mission is to create an ecosystem that allows artists to share their work with the viewer while communicating with galleries and collectors and which presents each year new themes through the productions of many artists and galleries via meetings, newsletters, or online exhibitions. You can find all the information about the new edition of Focus Art Fair here. Go, don't miss it!
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