One of the best things that music offers us is the possibility of feeling reflected in the lyrics that artists give us. Enthusiasm, sadness, concern, love... Infinite emotions that the singers share with their listeners help to make certain issues visible and develop important dialogues in society as a whole. The Philadelphia born, Los Angeles based pop artist Tessa Kaye is a perfect example. Through her music, she candidly exposes her battle with anxiety and difficulties growing up as a Black girl in a mostly white Mormon community. She is now releasing her new single, Girl, I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend.
The feel-good downtempo breezy alternative pop single chronicles Tessa Kaye's newly coming out process as queer and “the sheer excitement that comes with feeling free, open, being true to myself and falling in love,” she confides. A story in which she delves into a chapter of her life marked by decision-making, self-knowledge and having put freedom before dictated rules. Because the artist, far from trying to always seem to be fine or hide how she really feels, immerses herself through her exciting singles in her experiences. And not only in the happiest ones but also in the especially difficult moments that she has gone through.

From the frustrations that can come with toxic positivity to songs turned into a reminder that it’s perfectly ok to have days when you’re down, there are plenty of mental health issues that Tessa Kaye addresses in her tracks. And now, with her new single Girl, I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend, she tells us about the freedom that comes from letting ourselves be who we are, following our own path and the importance of taking control of our lives.
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