Some weeks ago we were pleased to introduce TANK Steiger, an Italian based shoe brand whose origins date back to 1932 when Walter Steiger Senior opened the first store in Geneva. Almost 100 years later, Laura preserves the legacy, not only remaining faithful to her commitment to preserving the environment and femininity but also adding a playful youthful skew to the designs.
In her own words: “We are making shoes that are capable of going beyond seasons and trends. The idea is to make shoes that women can wear all day long; […] shoes that are versatile and embrace every female identity that women can wear in their 20s or 60s.”

From this starting point, TANK Steiger carries the story one step further by launching the new Zoya flat-form sandal collection. Made of leather and featuring an elastic band, this new model embraces once more the distinctive minimal and functional hallmark of the brand as it also takes us to a bewitching journey to our childhood, where the beauty of joy and simplicity filled our lives. Bright colours and clean shapes on rubber soles to help a new collective of optimists battle the challenges of today and tomorrow.

“One step is all it takes to start a revolution” is the motto of the brand. TANK Steiger, on the launch of the Zoya flat-form sandal collection, the new Camilla Boot and Bella shoe, takes not only one but three major steps to reaffirm the headstrong, modern and independent women who will wear them.
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