TANK Steiger is the story of a child who grew up surrounded by tradition and a profound love for shoes. The latest chapter of a story which began in Geneva in 1932, when her grandfather, Walter Steiger, founded the brand, making made-to-measure shoes for men and women and continued by her father, also called Walter Steiger, who opened the stores in Paris, New York and London.
No one was surprised when the time came, and Laura Steiger decided to keep her family’s vision alive, who has stripped the company’s audacious designs down to a range of shoes based on a thick, lug treaded sole. But this time there is no Walter in charge and the collection Smoking Bow is born to celebrate the inner and outer world of headstrong, modern and independent women, determined to fight their own daily battles. “When I started to work on my first shoe, I immediately felt like I was back in my father’s studio, feeling a serenity that I hadn’t felt in a long time. It was as if everything up to that time had conspired to take me where I had to be,” Laura remembers.

“We are making shoes that are capable of going beyond seasons and trends. The idea is to make shoes that women can wear all day long; it’s a sportswear shoe but at the same time, it can go to the office or to a party. I like the idea of shoes that are versatile and embrace every female identity that women can wear in their 20s or 60s,” she states. Women’s platform shoes to make some solid headway, TANK is a very clear statement of the future from a saga of tradition, innovation, design and love for timeless beauty.
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