Get ready to dive into the darkest, deepest depths of the underworld to later ascend to the brightest, shiniest of skies with Hell or Heaven, T78’s newest release. For over twenty-five years, Manuele Tessarollo has been producing hardcore, techno and trance hits that have been constnatly shortlisted on global charts. His newest track is another reminder of the Italian producer’s long-standing career on the dance floor, and how his expertise has made him one of the most respected DJs in the industry.
Released via his own label, Autektone Records, Hell or Heaven starts right off the bat with powerful bass and percussion. It’s a perfect song that caters to hardcore lovers and their aim to escape reality by dancing almost unconsciously on the dance floor. This dreamy (or nightmarish, that depends on you) journey is broadened by sporadic melodies and a sequence filled with a surprising opera vocal. As its title indicates, it’s a perfect blend of dark sounds you’d associate to hell with hypnotising melodies and vocals that make you think of heaven.  “Hell or Heaven is a suggestive and enveloping cut, it has an appealing duality in which the breakdown makes you feel you’re in Heaven while the drop drags you to Hell. This single is about emphatic outbursts of unbelievable dissonance reminiscent of a rambling performance of  Carmina Burana sung by a chorus of satan-worshipping cyborgs”, Manuele said.
T78’s masterful production skills have landed his tracks among the Beatport Techno Top 100 list, claiming the #1 spot with Hardcore in 2020. That same year, as well as in 2019, many other tracks by the Italian producer were listed in that chart, making him one of the bestselling techno artists in Beatport. Through his label Autektone Records, founded four years ago, he has helped publish works by renowned producers such as Fatima Haji, Motvs, Robpm, Nusha, or Mac N Dan, among many others.
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