As summer seems to be just around the corner, music producer sweeep teams up with artist Sace, Silent Boy on Burn Down My Mind, a new experimental single that came out one day spontaneously but has a lot of rhythm in it. We're taking notes on both of these two Swedish artists because they're bound to make it big soon. In the meantime, there’s no better way to start the weekend than to listen to this single fresh out of the oven.
About the song, Samuel Rogstrom, known for his artistic name Silent Boy and his alter ego Sace, states: “sweeep and I sat in front of her computer while I was playing random demos from my phone. Eventually, we made the beat to Burn Down My Mind from a pad demo that I had made earlier that day before meeting up. We both had decided to record vocals over the beat which we did and it really worked out well.” And, as we have seen on numerous occasions, the best collaborations always come out in the most organic and authentic way possible.

On the other hand, the Swedish artist and producer sweeep, who made a name by herself through her characteristic lo-fi and experimental sound, in Burn Down My Mind she steps outs of her comfort zone and debuts as a singer. The result of this artistic union is perfect for kicking off the season of clubbing or simply to letting ourselves captivated by an enveloping and eclectic atmosphere.