It’s pride month. While some brands spend this time marketing rainbow merchandise, SuperRare is showing us what it truly means to uplift the LGBTQI+ community. The digital art market introduces SuperQueer, a series of initiatives aiming to diversify the future of art and Web3. They begin with SuperTrans, an online exhibition curated by transgender artist Laurel Charleston, which is on view until July 16.
Featuring leading transgender, gender non-comforming and non-binary artists, SuperTrans celebrates gender variance in the art community. Their art is proud and unapologetic, challenging and redefining boundaries. SuperRare acknowledges that queer – especially trans – people have historically been outcasted and even erased in both the arts and greater institutions, but their perseverance and creativity has remained strong as ever. SuperTrans is skillfully curated by Charleston, a Brooklyn-based artist who uses makeup to transform the face into art.

Moreover, SuperRare is proud to be the first NFT marketplace to have curated a physical gallery of only transgender and non-binary artists with Icons x SuperTrans. This exhibition calls upon the curation of queer artists Nicole Ruggiero and Sam Clove from Icons, as well as that of Laurel Charleston from SuperTrans. Ruggiero and Clove's work champions artists who are powerful and passionate. Even outside of art, they speak loudly and fearlessly fight for the rights of LGBTQI+ individuals. You can check out this event at SuperRare’s popup gallery in SoHo New York until June 15.

In addition to these events, SuperRare is donating $10,000 and fifteen percent of SuperQueer merchandise proceeds to Out and Tech, an organisation that helps the LGBTQIA+ community leverage technology for social change. SuperQueer hats, t-shirts and condoms are available for sale online and at the popup gallery.
ICONS x SuperQueer is on view at 417 W Broadway, New York until June 15.
Rita Eme Fantasylove 4 K.jpg
Rita Eme
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Sasha Katz
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Nicole Ruggiero x Planttdaddii
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