Preserving the essence of the original track but adding a deep and dirty re-tweak, Super Flu now presents the remix of Reach The Water by Aeyem feat. Lakyn. Injecting their personal sound and maintaining the magic of the Melbourne multi-instrumentalist and producer's original release, which also features the vocals of Lakyn whose emotive singing style pulls on the heart strings, they now release Reach The Water (Super Flu Remix) under the Flow Music record label. Do not miss it!
Almost 7 minutes of music is what Super Flu now offers us, who utilising the original elements, adds their hallmark dirty and infectious flavours. Wobbly edges meet the warmth, as a gated synth line takes control, while the vocal glides effortlessly, before the twittery riff really takes control. Creating a completely immersive environment, the track is reconverted, acquiring a new meaning but preserving its original essence. And this remix of this release is another good example of their distinctive style.

One more demonstration that the sum of forces between creatives leads to new formulas with which they offer new stimuli to the audience. Reach The Water featuring Lakyn opens with spine-tingling ethereal pads that are soon joined by the pulsating bassline which radiates warmth through the tracks. And now the track adds an extra dose of audacity and energy in its remix version. We can now enjoy this new release on digital platforms. Get ready to flow to the rhythm of the new release from the Flow Music record label.