“Sonically, the album is energetic and uplifting, but the lyrics are far from. The one theme that runs through this album is failure, as dark as that may seem,” says Sunshine Boysclub singer, songwriter and producer Sam Martin about his debut album, Hut on the Hill. A proposal in which, after making his musical project a space where he can be vulnerable, honest or depressing, he explores the duality of internal thoughts on which he comments is “the album that he always wanted to make.” And he also presents the music video for his single Right Out The Window.
He wrote his new songs in an abandoned shack on the side of a hill behind his house in Los Angeles. A place where creativity and connection with his past were found, becoming a magical setting in which he overcame several years of struggle and learned important life lessons. “I spent years struggling with depression, I stopped making music and was ready to quit,” explains the artist, who prior to embarking on his solo journey Sunshine Boysclub was the lead singer and songwriter for the successful indie-pop band Youngblood Hawke.

His single Right Out The Window addresses the fragility of passing time, along with a music video in which energy is combined with deep introspection. “The giant hill I rode down in this video is the hill I looked up at every day while writing this album,” he adds. From Patience, a single that has nearly a hundred thousand reproductions on Spotify, to Stay Right Here, Hut on the Hill is a journey through the life of the singer, who opens the doors to his life experiences and allows us to get to know him much better. “These songs are me working through the past, trying to close that door and move into a new space with new thoughts.”