Having over two and a half million streams across platforms and being a social media influencer with a unique, whimsical aesthetic and a dedicated fanbase, the Arizona born and bred indie pop artist Summy is now releasing her new song, Wish I Never Met You. A track which is a cathartic release from the past traumas of a toxic relationship, taking advantage of its uncanny ability to tap into the shared human experience and highlighting our deepest emotions for music that is tender, and emotive by featuring soaring vocals full of fervor over nostalgic ‘80s dipped pop rock soundscapes.
“My brother and I wrote Wish I Never Met You about me getting cheated on in a past relationship. The song talks about the pain of getting your heart broken, the difficulties of sitting with your emotions, and the process of healing yourself surrounded by those who love you most,” says the artist now based in Los Angeles, who wants to inspire other women to be strong, embrace growth, and to love themselves for who they are. It is no coincidence that among her musical influences we find powerful women with a lot of talent like Whitney Houston or Lady Gaga, icons that have marked different generations.

Having released hit singles like Said It After, Known Better and Sus, which has almost a million streams on Spotify, Summy transcends sound and brings her personal vision of art to aesthetics and fashion. “I’ve always been very drawn to an ethereal and colorful energy for the clothes I wear and the makeup looks I do. I think one of the reasons why I'm more attracted to that kind of vibe is because it really helps me cope with my depression and mental struggles. It's much harder to cry if you're in fairy wings.”