Music duo Suite Simone released their album Bird a month ago, and since then, it’s been somehow stuck in our heads. Their proposal is rather unique as it mixes genres like house, trance, breaks and even hip-hop, crafting a very melodic sound that is instantly recognisable despite they started releasing music just in 2023. With ten tracks in total, Suite Simone’s record is a sonic journey through different genres and emotions, and we’re here for it.
The project by Rebecca Sheja and Viggo Dyst is one to watch. Playing with irony and tongue-in-cheek production, their music can both put you to dance or make you daydream. Speaking of that irony, the album starts with a song titled Finale, a richly textured track that fuses dreamy sounds with Rebecca’s hazy vocals. That mood shifts with The Sound of Disco, which still features the singer’s enchanting voice but with a more urban sound. Continuing on, both Lost in Love and Distractions are in-between club bangers and nostalgic songs. One that is truly the most club-ready is Ajuna, whose rhythm and base is closer to drum ’n’ bass.
From here on, the second half of Bird is more house and techno-driven, with five more songs that are all perfect for a night out. From Pride, with a very catchy melody, to Hazed Blue, which also has a more commercial sound without losing Suite Simone’s genre-bending identity. Or Tranz, which would be a perfect closing song for a DJ (take notes, artists out there!). But to go out with a bang, the duo closes the album with Sunshower, the most energetic (and the longest) of the lot.
In all, Suite Simone’s first album proves that they have a bright future ahead. With a rich production, a sound that mixes genres without fear and with mastery, and a clear identity, the duo is on the right path to becoming the next big thing.