Rhinestones, bongs and psychedelia. Flea, bassist of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers stars in the Holiday 2022 campaign shot by Tyrone Lebon released to promote the new Stüssy and Dries Van Noten collaboration. During early November, A$AP Nast gave us a hint of what we now know to be one of the most unexpected and luxurious collaborations up-to-date. A week later, the official campaign pictures and lookbook have finally surfaced.
Stussy Ny 3.jpg
Born out of a time of cultural change, striving to inspire the youth, Stüssy remains at the top of the streetwear game, best known for their Southern-Californian laidback look, iconic graphics, visual themes and bold motifs, Stüssy stays true to their ethos promoting the celebration for free-spirited identities and choosing to collaborate with one of fashion’s most eccentric yet cerebral designers in the industry, Dries Van Noten.

Member of the acclaimed Antwerp Six, Dries eloquently redefines Stüssy’s laidback Southern-Californian look through vibrant prints, eclectic patterns, colourful designs and mixing technical wear with classic materials to create a new capsule collection which has just dropped online and in stores.

Ultimately, the collection amounts to an assortment of winter-ready silhouettes which combine the best of both brands brining us co-branded tie-dye t-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, colour-rich outerwear and garments filled with psychedelic imagery.
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