Street Fever has truly lived a life of resilience, from mental breakdowns, drug detoxes, and being held in a Thai prison, they know a thing or two about overcoming obstacles. Now, this mixed-media performance artist is channeling their inner strength and wisdom into the new single, Sinner. Highly energetic and poetic, their new song and music video capture their journey of creative expression and musical reflection.
Street Fever is an Idaho-based, anonymous artist known for their eclectic combination of hardcore rap, EDM, electro, noise, pop, and classical. Their sound is gritty and impactful, inspired by their many life experiences and experimentations. Their perspective on themself and humanity has grown across the many challenges they faced in life, and they consider themselves on a journey of ongoing spiritual awakening. This new single is not only a result of their self-discovery, but also acts as a vessel in connecting others with their own spiritual growth and recovery.
Sinner is a testament to the artist’s poetic freedom, and the music video is a thought-provoking work of art. It follows Street Fever into different temples, art institutions, churches, and the headquarters of the Latter Day Saints as they destroy canvases of art while dripping in black paint and concealed behind a mask. The song is an energetic explosion of rap and electronic noise, and the video also shows the unmatched disruptive and chaotic vibrations of their  concerts. Part documentary as well, the moments shown from their US tour performances let viewers in on their unique modes of expression. Sinner transcends boundaries, and the blended electro-rock sound radiates the untamed energies of life.