The wait for the release of Pedro Almodóvar's Strange Way of Life is coming to an end, with its premiere scheduled for the Cannes Film Festival, moviegoers around the world are eager to see the final result of this exciting project. The acclaimed Spanish director has decided to bring in an all-star cast led by Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke. The short film promises to be a surreal journey through the Wild West. A Western with queer elements, the director’s distinctive aesthetics and his particular vision of the genre.
The trailer for the short film was unveiled this week and features images with a heartbreakingly intimate sensibility of Pascal and Hawke's characters as they immerse themselves in a surreal Wild West story. Almodóvar's visual style is evident in every shot, with a bold and striking use of colour and texture reminiscent of earlier works such as Dark Habits and The Matador.

In addition to Pascal and Hawke, the cast features prominent names such as Manu Ríos, Jason Fernández, José Condessa, Pedro Casablanc, Daniel Rived, Sara Sálamo, Erenice Lohan and George Steane. The short film was shot in the Tabernas desert in Almería, a very symbolic location, as the region has been a popular destination for Westerns since the 1960s. This choice demonstrates Almodóvar's passion for the genre and his intention to bring it to his own territory, offering a new vision and experience of the Western to viewers.

As well as featuring an all-star cast, the short film is also produced by Saint Laurent, who says they are the first luxury brand to venture into the world of cinema with its own film production company. The initiative, led by the brand's Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello, aims to work with great film talent and give them a space to express themselves creatively.