The quote goes: great things are done by a series of small things; the bond that British vocalist Steven Smith from house band Dirty Vegas and Anthony Saffery from indie rock band Cornershop share is proof of it. After the musicians were introduced to each other they decided to form Storeys, and today they release their newest single Destination Unknown, which aims to look into the bright side of life while also off their creativity.
After each artist had great success with their music and toured all over the world with their bands, Smith and Saffery decided to join forces to bring back a nostalgic sound of their good old times. Previous to this musical alliance, they worked together on projects such as the global hit Feel It Still (2017), from Portugal. The Man. As for now, Storeys will release their debut EP, which will have 4 tracks, including a rework of The Verve’s timeless song Lucky Man (1997).

Destination Unknown was conceived on a deeper level. As they explain: “This song was written in the midst of the pandemic, and it’s coming from a place of personal uncertainty and fear. It was a very tough time for many people.” It’s clear that some still deal with the consequences of the situation and that’s why it's so easy to connect with their song. But for those who feel like this, Storeys sends a message of hope: “The arc of the song starts from the place of feeling lost but ends with the optimism that eventually we back it back to where we feel comfort and safety.” Showing that it’s always better to see the good side of things.
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