Imagine recording a song and shooting a music video together with the one who has been your childhood hero, your greatest reference and source of inspiration. That is exactly what has happened to Steven Malcolm in his new single, Summertime, in which we see him accompanied by none other than Snoop Dogg. “I’m a legit fan. I made my mom buy me Chuck Taylor All-Stars in 5th grade because of Snoop. I had a huge afro growing up because of Snoop. I wore flannel because of Snoop,” says the artist, whose music has earned five Dove Award nominations and more than seventy million streams.
Summertime (feat. Snoop Dogg & Jay-Way) comes along with a music video shot on location in Los Angeles, with additional scenes filmed during Snoop Dogg’s stop in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the Mount Westmore Tour. Being a turning point in Malcolm's career (and a milestone he will never forget), this new release is a dream come true. “It's surreal to hear Snoop on this song!” exclaims the singer, who admits to being in love with Los Angeles. “It’s my crush! As a Midwest guy, I find every excuse to go out there, and the West Coast music that comes out of that city has always been amazing.”