Back in 1994, when rave culture was peaking, German DJ and producer Perplexer released the hit The Acid Folk, which combined hardcore beats with bagpipe sounds. Now, thirty years later, Stella Bossi gives the song a makeover and a more contemporary flair. It’s all still there: the bridging of traditional, almost sacred instruments with electronic rhythms, and the edgy, hardcore style. But Stella’s take on the track feels somehow more fresh and encapsulating what is happening in today’s music.
Released via her own imprint, The Beat Must Fuck, Stella Bossi pays homage to a long tradition of artists, genres, and songs that spearheaded a cultural movement that allowed the DJs and producers of today to become the global powerhouses that they are. Back in 1994, when The Acid Folk was released, the song reached number five in the German single charts and was awarded a Gold Disc in August of that same year for selling over 350,000 CDs in Germany alone. Today, Stella Bossi continues on the legacy with a viral release. Back in March, she debuted the song live at a gig in London, where she invited a bagpiper to play the instrument while she dropped the beat. “Should I release this track?,” she teased her audience. Millions of views and thousands of likes later, she has.
For those who love the song and Stella’s electrifying and highly energetic shows, you’re lucky because she’s currently touring the world. In May, she’ll be playing in venues and festivals in Miami, Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, or Warsaw. And she’ll be also playing a lot in Spain, known for its wildly enthusiastic audience: she’ll be stopping in Madrid on the 31st, playing at Holika Festival at the end of June in Calahorra, and then visiting Amnesia Ibiza on July 7 and Input Barcelona on July 11. So mark your calendars and make sure not to miss her.