Aiming to bring people together through the power of music, singer, songwriter and piano virtuoso Stefano May continues to make his singles an ode to hope, love and overcoming. He now presents his new release along with a music video, Find my way. A song that was born as a tribute to the Motown world that has highly influenced his musical taste since he was a child. “In life, I personally have had moments of ups, moments of down and some extreme in between, but I never lost my objectives or my constant commitment to achieving my dream to be a songwriter,” says the artist.

The solo project of the Italian singer began in 2019 when he started collaborating with the famed producer Chico Bennett (Madonna, Lady Gaga, The Killers). And since he released his debut single, Prayer, May has continued to prove that music is a restorative balm with which he shows that anything is possible if we fight for what we want. Without denying the difficulties, challenges and obstacles that we must overcome on the way to reaching our goal.

“No matter how challenging your surroundings can be, you will always be able to find your own way if you really want to persevere and accomplish your goals in life,” he answers when asked about the meaning behind his new single, Find my way, which is an upbeat, danceable song oozing with elements of funk, jazz and soul. The artist manages to make his creations a universal language that unites people regardless of their origin, their way of thinking and how they understand and interpret life. He connects with feelings that are common to all human beings in an effective exercise of empathy.