More than 150 photographers and artists are coming together in States of Change, an online print sale fundraiser in support of local groups working on the ground in five key swing states: Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. In this crucial election in the United States, every vote counts, and these artists are committed to convincing people to go out and vote. If you want a print by artists like Alec Soth, Cindy Sherman, Ed Ruscha, Nan Goldin, Steve McCurry or Sally Mann, you have time until October 18th!
“There’s the prevailing sense that the country and our democracy are spinning out of control, and that we are powerless to stop it,” says the team behind the fundraiser. “We didn’t want to become resigned to a sense of darkness and had to act. Inspired by the change artists made with the Pictures for Elmhurst project, we decided to band together to support these amazing non-profits. Every dollar we donate will make a real and direct impact on voter turnout.” So what is the goal behind this?
Organized in partnership with Movement Voter Project, which works “to strengthen progressive power at all levels of government by helping donors support the best and most promising local community-based organizations,” States of Change aims to raise money for forty-two organizations with a focus on youth and communities of color that work “to get out the vote, fight voter suppression, organize communities to grow their power and build infrastructure that will lead to lasting change.” So go through their website, choose your favourite print(s), and help the cause!
Alec Soth.jpeg
Alec Soth. Priscilla, Los Angeles (2008). Courtesy of the artist
Alessandra Sanguinetti.jpeg
Alessandra Sanguinetti. Hydrangeas (1999). Courtesy of the artist
Alfredo Jaar.jpeg
Alfred Jaar. Gold in the Morning (1985). Courtesy of the artist
Ari Marcopoulos.jpeg
Ari Marcopoulos. Atwater Village (1993). Courtesy of the artist
Elinor Carucci.jpeg
Elinor Carucci. Eden in the fire escape, Corona days (2020). Courtesy of the artist
Eric Gottesman.jpeg
Eric Gottesman. Sudden Flowers (2004). Courtesy of the artist
Gregory Halpern.jpeg
Gregory Halpern. Untitled (2016). Courtesy of the artist
Jack Pierson.jpeg
Jack Pierson. 7/28/20, 7:57:38 PM. Courtesy of the artist
Jim Goldberg.jpeg
Jim Goldberg. The Kiss. Hollywood and Highland (1988). Courtesy of the artist
Katy Grannan.jpeg
Katy Grannan. Bobby and Jordan, Sugar Camp Road (2010). Courtesy of the artist
Ken Light.jpeg
Ken Light. River Baptism, Moon Lake, Coahoma County, Mississippi (1989). © Ken Light
Larry Sultan.jpeg
Larry Sultan. Dad on Bed (1984). © Larry Sultan
Matthew Porter.jpeg
Matthew Porter. Pineapple Sky (2020). Courtesy of the artist