Her music has been streamed over twenty million times and she has received acclaim from the likes of specialised critics and the general public. Stalking Gia has become one of the great musical phenomena of the last few years since she released her single Second Nature in 2016, getting millions of views and becoming a viral hit. She is now presenting her new release, Saddest Happy Girl, which is about having an existential crisis. And the song samples the famous nursery rhyme Clementine in its chorus!
“The pressure of having to succeed, find your life's purpose, and find a partner in life while keeping up appearances can be daunting,” says New York City-based alt-pop artist when asked about the meaning behind her new track. “Being the saddest happy girl just means that at the moment nothing particularly bad happened but nothing incredibly amazing did either,” she continues saying about a middle ground of peace that she now shares with us in the form of this new release, Saddest Happy Girl, materialising like a spectrum in the space between online fantasy and Manhattan's real-life nocturnal glow.

She is now embarking on a new journey and is back to independently self-releasing her music, after having conquered the music charts with singles such as miracles, which is already close to five million listeners, or Siren, with more than two million reproductions. There is no doubt that Stalking Gia has found a formula with which to connect with her audience, which follows her every step she takes, elevating her works and turning them into viral phenomena. All this while the artist is honest with her public sharing deep personal reflections.