LA-based duo Spelles’ newest release, Night Terrors, is a haunting alternative rock track ripe for the spooky season this October. The song is immediately rife with emotion from the first note, with a textured blues bass riff and a strong drumbeat punching through.
The vocal power and emotive lyrics on this track layer over the adjective sonic background to tell the story of somebody chasing a dream beyond reach. Following the second chorus, the song echoes ghosts of the musical motifs, slowed down and suspended, to bring the song back to full liveliness for an impactful final repetition to close. Ultimately, this new alt-rock track follows a musical journey we hope to hear about from Spelles in their debut album on November 15th.
You may have already heard of Spelles, having released their first EP in 2015, but their new single and powerful sound really calls for a formal introduction. Kathryn Baar and Luc Laurent, the duo behind the music, have had numerous placements so far you may recognise them from – on shows like Good Girls and Pretty Little Liars, as well as having already amassed over five million streams. Naturally, we look forward to whatever the future holds for this unforgettable duo.