Flirt with anonymity and identity hidden behind sunglasses with your name on. Nameplates transcend era and these personalised gold ones hint at doing the same. Referencing Victorian Jewish brooches, Hawai’ian name bracelets and American hip-hop culture the design is imbued with history. Sunglasses are also fortresses of the shy but fashionable, including the Spec_ial designer Aaron Fisher-Cohen himself who admits he uses them as armour.
The luxury eyewear brand Spec_ial launches the black and gold model as its second collection hailing them Eye_D. We are obsessed. Launched just late last month, these attention grabbing Spec_ial specs are truly special and there are rumours Eye_D is necessary for entry to the club.

Escaping ourselves for a moment dancing or talking is something sunglasses offer too. Dark frames extend a selfless moment of anonymity. However Eye_D also grounds us in the individual with its unique nameplate that creates a cheeky flash or glint on the dance floor or when you make it through to the next morning in the diner slurping on a milkshake like their campaign illustrates.

The elusive designer shared, “As sunglasses have become an extension of who I am, I try to discover the worlds where they haven’t yet gone. Spec_ial was created to provide the armour that helps you be you, or anyone you want to be.”

As an engaged artist Fisher-Cohen, the designer is donating 5% of the profits to Red Hook Initiative of this 400 piece run of sunglasses featuring 14-karat vermielle or solid gold script. The charity partner works on a local level in New York to overcome systemic inequalities. Evidently, the brand has a socially conscious soul in Fisher-Cohen, who also directed the 2011 documentary Damn! that traces Jimmy McMillan's 2010 campaign that led to his Internet fame on his short catchphrase: “The rent is too damn high.”

Personalisation is key to this new collection and whilst nameplates traditionally have your name on, the opportunity to write any message opens a free kingdom of possibility. The ideal gift for a partner, friends or family - you could call them by their name or by your name in glamorous twenties inspired gold font. Hand finished in New York City or Los Angeles and made from Italian materials these frames elevate Holiday gifting.
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