Live music provides an opportunity to discover the true essence of the artists and to enjoy music at its best. Being aware of the magic inherent in live performance and displaying amazing vocal ability, Dutch artist Sophia Habib has released three live performance videos alongside the Cloud Orchestra providing a totally spine-tingling listening experience. Featuring two songs off of her album, Lifeline and We Can't Work This Out, as well as the addition of a new song, Thank You, these releases allow us to get a little closer to her creative universe.
Having released her album Fragile in 2022, the Rotterdam-based singer, writer, performer and producer now unveils three live tracks, each accompanied by a stunning live video. From the love story of Thank You to Lifeline, a song which is about desperately wanting someone to love you, even though you know they're no good for you, but ultimately realising that you don't need the approval of anyone to be loved. These three videos have been shot in a beautiful, minimalist location, allowing for the focus to be on Sophia and the music, with no distractions, and are directed by Eloi Genrich and Rebecca Weltner and filmed by Maric Dam.

Habib seems to be comfortable on stage making live performances a formula that goes beyond streaming. Her love for classical music shines bright in her performance alongside an orchestra, interpreting three songs which are based on true events from the artist’s life. “To work with an orchestra was a dream I just had to fulfil. I called Anton de Bruin and asked if he wanted to do another collaboration with Cloud Orchestra. And that's how it started!,” she says.