Music is capable of putting into words some messages that we could not send otherwise. Allowing us to open up sentimentally, creating a safe space where it is easier to empathise and talk about emotions, this way of communicating has an extraordinary power that many artists are aware of. And knowing its supernatural powers to perfection Swedish folk-pop duo Smith & Thell now look to preview their next studio album with the riveting new single We Were In Love. This meaningful release is about the truest emotions.
“The inspiration for the song came from the story of my grandparents, who were married for 65 years. All of our grandparents grew up in a time when it was less common to talk about one's emotions, but that surely doesn't mean that they did not feel deeply,” the band's Victor Thell responds when asked where this new single starts from, reflecting on how communication and the emotional openness have been transformed over the decades. “After my grandfather passed, I could tell by looking into my grandmother's eyes how much she missed him, so we set out to write about the feeling of having things you wish you would have said when your special someone was still with you. This song is our interpretation of her love for him. All of the words she never said.”

Having carved out a well-deserved niche on the music scene for the relatable and introspective quality their releases carry, with themes of love, self-discovery and personal growth often present in their songs, Smith & Thell continue to draw on the essence of life to shape their musical project. Devoid of artifice and having simultaneously established themselves as one of Sweden's most sought-after songwriters and producer duos, they still have much to communicate through their favourite language: music.