St Louis native, Slayyyter, artistically inspired by the sensational tabloid celebrity of Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefania, Fergie and countless others, today releases her music video for Clouds ahead of her summer album. Slayyyter was born in a world of Heidi Montag, MySpace, and fan accounts that helped her break her career is giving us real year 2000 melancholy. Elements of nostalgia immediately popped into my mind, things that scream the 2000 era - like the iPod Nano, having to download songs from LimeWire, and thinking Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were the perfect couple.
She attended one year of college, and decided it was not her path, instead she really wanted to make music work. Regardless of recording some of her early tracks in her bedroom wardrobe, and most of her collaborators being her friends, Slayyyter is definitely a pioneering voice in the industry – and we are excited to see her now in some big budget work. A lot changed when she began producing with Ayesha Erotica, apparently the brunette version of herself. Now her perfectly crafted pop music has caught the attention and support of the very characters that inspired it, including Lady Gaga, and also friend Charli XCX. Taking a deeper look into her new single, Clouds, Slayyyter explores the fluctuating emotions she has and how she deals with her rising fame. Just like everybody, her voice is constantly evolving.

This US-based artist’s new single Clouds is a futuristic, dream-pop, hyper-feminine mix that makes you wish you could be teleported to the paradise on screen. It is all very dreamlike. She welcomes us with hyper-pop melodies and electronic riffs that takes us on a journey through mystical clouds, delicious cakes, stuffed animals and bright coloured scenery, with Alice in Wonderland-esque levels of escapism. Slayyyter’s sensual dance solos floating in the clouds fused with this pop anthem groove creates the perfect 2021 track to bring you into the summer months.
Slayyyter Clouds.jpg