The last years have been especially important in the life of Skyler Cocco. Not only she has dared to share her musical talent with the world, but she has also overcome the impostor syndrome that prevented her from starting her own project with which to express herself openly, demonstrating that music is a powerful universal language. Having learned to produce and write at age 11 on her father’s digital 8 track and after releasing her song The Drive in September 2020 gaining over 400,000 streams across platforms, she now presents her new single and music video, Passenger Side.
“It has a steamy, tension-filled air that chronicles the exciting yet fleeting moments of a short fling,” replies the New York native, Los Angeles-based indie pop artist, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist when asked about her new single. Starring Libby Larkin and Skyler herself, the music video that comes along with her latest song is an ode to surrendering to the moment, letting the desire loose and letting yourself go without thinking too much and enjoying the here and now. It’s precisely this connection with the present moment, with her true feelings and her inner self, that gives Skyler Cocco the strength to spread her wings and get off the ground.

“The music video unfolds like a cult queer-indie film, proudly portraying a sapphic summer romance,” she adds as we delve into the visual piece that comes along with the new release. As she set out to write her upcoming debut EP Crossroads, things began to shift in her personal life as well. Coming out publicly as bisexual and finally connecting with her true identity, leaving her fears and insecurities aside, she then began her path of being herself one hundred per cent. And this new release, Passenger Side, is a message to the world and to herself to continue in that direction and make the most of life.
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