After partaking in several musical projects with other artists, Skxnnx is ready to fly by himself. The Cameroon-born, Moscow-based artist has been working on his solo career for a few years now. In 2024, he’s already released the songs What’s popping and Wi Ma Broz, and today, he keeps the momentum going with Trouble Kid, where he taps two other talented rappers: Vincy Tommy T and Lill Humble. If you were wondering what the future of trap would sound like, here’s a prime example.
Originally from Cameroon and currently living in Moscow, Russia, the rapper has been involved in several projects with many other artists. He started studying design engineering in his home country but came across rapper and beatmaker Sleym Boone, with whom he made the album Chamber Music. He also co-founded Glizzy Gang with Nigerian rapper Rain of Asini, where they explored expatriate life in Russia as African artists, and resulted in songs like Call the Plug and Blicky.
Now, Skxnnx is ready to take over the world with his solo project. In Troubled Kid, his most recent release, the artist delves into themes of youth, rebellion, and the intricate journey of coming of age amidst adversity. Because fleeting your home to seek for new opportunities is never easy, especially when you go to a radically different culture from yours. The feelings of alienation and otherness took a toll on Skxnnx, and he expresses that with honesty and also a bit of rage. “You can’t tell me shit / I’m a troubled kid / All the shit I did / I got no regrets,” he raps. The addition of Vinci Tommy T and Lill Humble make the song more complete, offering their personal points of view on marginalisation. As Skxnnx himself says, “Trouble Kid is a sound dedicated to young people on the fringes of the system, who have decided to follow their own path, with their own rules.”