Imagining new ways of being that are not characterised by doom or despair, Skeleten is today releasing his long-awaited debut full-length album, Under Utopia, on Astral People Recordings/2MR. This latest release immerses us in a musical journey that is wonderfully in touch with realms beyond our own through eleven tracks, demonstrating the artist's ability to connect with levels that transcend the earthly plane, being able to create enveloping atmospheres charged with mesmerising energy. And that's not all, he's also sharing the music video for Right Here It's Only Love.
“We're more familiar with the idea of a dystopia in the modern world – that's closer to our consciousness,” shares the Sydney-based musician Russell Fitzgibbon, better known as Skeleten on the music scene, when asked about his latest release, Under Utopia. “I think on this album I wanted to explore the importance of imaging and embodying a new world,” he adds about this great project, which takes us from Generator, a hypnotic attempt to quiet the noise outside by sitting with one sound before the album starts, to Everything We Need In The World, a song that started after a beautiful day at the beach.

One of our favourite tracks from this latest release is Sharing The Fire, a sprawling dance track with pulsating synths and Skeleten's gentle, warm vocals, which comes along with a music video shot on 35mm. This single, as well as all the other tracks included in the LP such as Right Here It's Only Love, whose music video is being unveiled today, show an undeniable evolution in the artist, who has gained clarity on what he hopes his music will achieve: bringing people together and creating an atmosphere of elation.

“I think the album came out of the experience of feeling this great desire to reconnect and dreaming of the power of community,” says the vocalist and producer, who knows the goal he is pursuing through music and continues to experiment and try new formulas with every step he takes.