“Happiness hit her like a bullet in the back…" These Florence Welch’s lyrics might define the wild, brave, bold and positive spirit of Sister Jane, the fun-loving sister you’d always wished you had. The singer is one of their celebrity clients, but also part of the brand’s inspirational imaginary since the very beginning when Beatriz Deza created the label in 2010, and whose band Jane and the Tonics and her hypnotic live performances are also quite influenced by the artist.
The brand's new designer, Aldene Johnson, has lead the challenge of heading the Creative Direction after Deza left this position in order to face another challenges in L.A.
Aldene’s background as Fashion Stylist and Consultant working alongside Karl Lagerfeld, David La Chapelle, Ryan McGinley or Valerie Phillips, among others, makes a really impressive style statement of creativity. And it’s not surprising that she is precisely responsible for Florence Welch’s looks, as she has been the singer’s stylist since 2009.
Paloma Faith is another Sister Jane’s loyal client who wears the brands clothes combining current trends with her own eccentric touch, from graphic monochrome and painted prints to glorious floral patterns and embellished details. Sister Jane brings forth bucolic and modern designs with a rebellious edge and a certain vintage vibe in delicate blouses, Peter Pan collars, fringes, adornment and unexpected details in sweaters and jackets.
Although London fairs have blossomed all over the city bringing new areas to the spotlight, Portobello keeps on being one of the most referenced flea markets of all. Sister Jane’s flagship store is located in this privileged area, a converted loft of a historic church in Notting Hill that reflects this magical and eclectic universe. There’s a huge Yes decorative pendant light in the ceiling that symbolizes the assertive mood of the brand, inviting you to make several affirmations: ‘yes, it's cool’, ‘yes it’s affordable’ and ‘yes! It’s a Spanish brand’.
Sister Jane launches new capsule collections almost every month on a frenetic season plan which means loads of refreshment and exclusivity, including limited editions that are available over fifty international boutique retailers, as well as TopShop, Asos and Urban Outfitters.
The new captivating spring collection presents monochrome polka dots, woolen dogtooth dresses, coated tweed jackets and faux leather snakeskin in very compelling designs that demand a double take and very affordable prices for such an exclusive label to rejuvenate the wardrobe and make an effortless transition into 2015. ‘Shapes at Dawn’ brings a new and electric feeling, celebrating a time of change and new beginnings. Dawn is a time of absolute possibility, when you are leaving the zone of dreams to awake in a new light of self-consciousness and vibrant new chances.