The last time we covered this dreamy English pop star, she had just released Firefly, the lead single from her forthcoming debut album Nymph. In the Firefly music video, she was bathed in pale blue fairy lights, dancing against a dark backdrop. For the music video of her latest release from the album, Coochie (a bedtime story), Blane Muise, better known as Shygirl, has traded the dark and blue aesthetic for a fun day at the boardwalk, and is covered in various shades of pink, a perfect colour scheme for the explicit subject matter.
Shygirl is no stranger to exploring sexuality and desire in her music, and Coochie (a bedtime story) is no exception. In a soft, sweet voice fitting for a lullaby, Shygirl describes how entranced she is by this intimate region. She thinks about it constantly, hears it calling to her, and will drop everything and run to it when it calls to her. In the music video, she dons a white, frilly peasant dress with an elaborate headpiece made of pillows, and decorative pink acrylics. In the night, she rides in a magical, pink horse-drawn carriage fit for a princess, professing her love for “the coochie.”

Shygirl has described Nymph as an exploration into her more vulnerable, sensitive side, and believes that she’s reaching out to listeners in a siren-like way. Coochie (a bedtime story) fits right into this musical trajectory as it sounds like an entrancing musical fantasy. With its soft sweetness – and hyperpop sound – she showcases a new, more intimate way of expressing desire than we have previously heard from the London native. When Nymph arrives on September 30, we can definitely expect to hear an even more sensual and vulnerable side to Shygirl.
Shygirl Coochie.jpg